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This week in Toddler and Kindy Room

We learnt about our emotion by recocnising crying and laughing. The children has fun pulling faces and playing with the cry/laugh doll paper craft. Here are the key words"

哭了 Kūle (Crying)

笑了 xiàole (laughing)

长发的头发 Zhǎng zhǎng de tóufǎ (Longhair)

短短的头发 duǎn duǎn de tóufǎ (Short hair)

卷卷的头发 juǎn juǎn de tóufǎ (Curly hair)

We also practice singing our song 一起唱歌跳舞 just click on the link to the song!

Have a great week!

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