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About Chinese Dojo

Your Chinese Language School

As an experienced Chinese language school, Chinese Dojo provides a nurturing and supportive environment for students to learn Chinese language and explore Chinese culture.


Since 2013 we have been teaching mandarin lessons in Perth.


Principal Grace Tan embarked on the journey of learning Chinese for her own children and discovered learning a language could be fun. She was determined to make learning a fun and engaging experience for her children and others.


Chinese Dojo (Dojo - a room or hall when a skill is practised, in our case, Chinese language) is a place where our children can learn, collaborate and be inspired.


We engage students with interactive classes which include role play and reciting.


Children learn in small class sizes and we provide individual attention to our students as a result.


Our teachers are selected for their experience in Chinese language teaching and their caring and inspirational teaching methodology.


Classes are held in the mornings for pre-schoolers, and after school and during school holidays.


Plus, we have classes for adults too! 

Teacher in Chinese

Meet our teachers

Children during class

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A boy shows his work

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