Teachers at Chinese Dojo

Meet our teachers in Chinese

All of our teachers are extremely experienced and passionate about teaching Chinese language and culture to both children and adults.


Elaine Jiang teacher in Chinese
Grace Tan



Grace is passionate about teaching Mandarin as a second language. Her quest to find a fun and interactive Chinese school for her children inspired her to create fun and engaging Mandarin programs for learners of all ages.


As a mum to two boys, Grace understands the fundamentals of engaging children in learning Chinese language and culture.


Elaine Jiang
Lead Teacher


Elaine works tirelessly in the area of early learning and program development to ensure that our lessons are enriched with all the elements that instil children in learning Chinese language. 


Elaine plans and develops our centres and is well loved by all our children.


Jean Wang Chinese teache
Jean Wang

Early Childhood Teacher


Jean's love of travelling has brought her to us.


She has a background in early childhood teaching and is currently completing her Early Childhood Education. Jean enjoys teaching children and is well loved in the classroom with her quirky fun games!

Max Zhou

Primary Teacher