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Welcome Back To Term 4!

Our children are all well rested and ready for another term of new challenges ahead. We kick off first Monday back with our Early learning group in Brentwood this morning. It was really lovely to see al our mums and children having fun learning together. Welcome to all the new families who are joking us this term, we hope you and your children will find the program fun and engaging. This term we will be focusing on maximising the children learning experience by providing home learning support.Each week parents will be sent the words or sentences they learnt during class, along with the list of songs to be practiced at home.

Early Learning Chinese Program 9am Brentwood Class

This term we will continuing with the topic "All About Me" where children learn about themselves and what they are able to do. Here are some words and sentences from today's lesson:

手 - 拍拍手

Shǒu - pāi pāi shǒu

脚 - 我会走, 我会跑,我会跳

jiǎo - wǒ huì zǒu, wǒ huì pǎo, wǒ huì tiào


After School Classes

In the lesson today we learnt about the changes in the moon and the different forms n each of the stages.

We read 弯弯的月亮 (Wān wān de yuèliàng) The recent moon, Children has been asked to practice reading at home.

We look forward to seeing you al again next week!

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