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Our Little Panda Chinese Lesson @ Loftus Community Centre is now up and running!

Our session at Loftus Community Centre is up and running on every Tuesday at 10am. Pop in and join Teacher Jessica for some fun and interactive Chinese lesson where we talk about little animals, our toys and food etc.

This week we learnt what little dogs 狗 (gǒu) and cats 猫 (māo) like to eat. The children love the tune of 愛抱抱的無尾熊 Koala loves a hug. We also learnt little cat loves his milk 牛奶 (niúnǎi) and fish 鱼 (Yú) through this song 小花猫 Little Cat

You can also practice the words on our Online Learning Platform.

We hope you enjoy practicing at home and look forward to seeing the children next week!

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