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Chinese characters

Chinese lessons for children and adults in Perth

At Chinese Dojo, we don't just teach Chinese.

We instil the long-term passion for children to learn and appreciate Chinese language and culture.


Learn. Create. Inspire.



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From a young age of 18 months, through to primary school and beyond, children learn through our highly interactive program, which includes role play, conversational and presentational learning.


Our experienced teachers create a fun and nurturing learning environment in Chinese lessons which gives students a head start in mastering the language.


A smaller class size means our teachers have more time to focus on the children's learning needs.

Chinese lesson with child drawing

Where you'll find Chinese Dojo lessons for children and adults

Monday - Saturday

  • Nedlands

  • Leederville (Early Learning Group)

  • Melville

After-school and on Saturdays, at local community centres around Perth.


Find a class that suits you!

Our engaging after-school program is written in line with the Australian National Curriculum, with additional study materials and resources to enhance learning outcomes.


We have smaller class sizes with an emphasis on focusing on individual learning needs. After school classes run from Monday - Friday 3:45 pm to 4:45 pm. We also offer Saturday classes from 9 am.



Little Panda Chinese Program











Little Panda Early Learning Chinese is a fun play-based parent and child program for children aged 18 months to 5 years.


It incorporates theme-based songs, activities andcraftworkk which encourage childrens' social and fine motor skills.


Classes available Mon - Fri From 9:30am and Sat from 9am.

Little Panda Logo PORTRAIT Reverse.png

Thank you very much for teaching Nate! He has developed a real enthusiasm for learning chinese, and constantly asks me to name things in chinese :)

What parents say...
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Chloe went to a Chinese 6 year old birthday on the weekend and they all spontaneously sang happy birthday in Chinese instead of English, the Australian parents were surprised they all knew it and Chloe was delighted that she could sing along.  So wonderful that she is getting this opportunity from such a young age, thank you so much!

- Pauline

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Oskar loves your class and he is very curious about how to say anything and everything in Chinese! Thank you!

- Cassy

- Delise

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Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the performance this afternoon – the hard work of you and your fellow teachers was evident and I thought all the children were a credit to you.  Well done!  I am so happy that Alex has the opportunity to learn with you.

- Louise

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