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The Art of Tea Drinking

Continuing with our science theme this term, we talked about the many use of water. One of which is making tea.

Tea drinking 喝茶 (Hē chá) has long been an important Chinese tradition as it forms part of the daily routine. This week we introduce the art of drinking tea 茶艺 (Chá yì) to our children, giving them the opportunity to use their senses to experience tea drinking, 看一看,闻一闻,尝一尝 (Kàn yī kàn, wén yī wén, cháng yī cháng)Some of the most common varieties are Black tea 红茶,Green tea 绿茶 and flower tea 花茶。

The key words for this week's lesson are:

我喜欢红茶的颜色 (Wǒ xǐhuān hóngchá de yánsè) I like the color of black tea

我闻到花茶的味道 (wǒ wén dào huāchá de wèidào) I could smell the taste of flower tea

我看到绿茶的颜色 (wǒ kàn dào lǜchá de yánsè)I see the colour of green tea

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