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The Tiny Seed 小种子(xiǎo zhǒngzǐ)

Over the past week the children have embarked on a journey with Eric Carle's classic "The Tiny Seed 小种子 and discovered how flowers 花(hua1) grow along the way. After reading the story the children were given the task of illustrating their findings and here are some delightful images from them,

The children were shown the process of a tiny seed transformed into a beautiful flowers and its journey along the way. The children were able to illustrate what they understood from the story and make it their own version. The key words are 花 Huā,蝴蝶 húdié,瓢虫 piáo chóng,蜜蜂 mìfēng。花开了!Huā kāile! 蝴蝶来了!Húdié láile! 蜜蜂来了!Mìfēng láile! 瓢虫来了!Piáo chóng láile! 小种子越长越高,越长越高 Xiǎo zhǒngzǐ yuè zhǎng yuè gāo, yuè zhǎng yuè gāo!


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